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We Work With Owners Facing Important Decisions



  • Partial Liquidity/Transition: Where the owners are looking to sell a majority stake of their business and realize significant liquidity, but retain operational control. Or a situation in which one or more partners would like to sell their stockin the company, and the remaining partner(s) would like to continue building the value of the company and equity.

  • Full Liquidity/Retirement: Where the owner is ready to transition out of the business and cash out. In this situation, we would also be willing to discuss the potential for the owner to maintain a longer-term minority position.

  • Management Buyout: Where a team or successful CEO wants to acquire the company and accelerate the growth of the business.




  • Critical Issues. When business owners who are looking for guidance on major strategic, operating or organizational issues or when they are looking for insights on company transition issues.

  • Growth Potential. When company enjoys significant growth potential but could use some assistance in overcoming one or more challenges to acheive it.

  • Preparation for Liquidity/Transition: When the owners are looking to sell a majority stake of their business in the near future, but would like to increase the growth, profitability and attractiveness of the business to prospective acquirers in the meantime.


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