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Partnership Approach
We advise business owners on critical business building goals, personal transition issues and wealth management. Our principals have experience and expertise as former CEOs and business owners in healthcare, business services and technology companies.


From talking to hundreds of business owners we've found out the most successful career and life managers develop clear goals for what they want for themselves early in their careers. This includes a plan for when they transition from their companies, and potentially from full-time work.
Muir principals have consulted or advised to over 150 companies throughout their careers. Having led or managed nearly 20 businesses, and leading or participating in over 25 M&A transactions, we can bring great perspective to your company, and your career planning. 
We will help the owner to consider many options for their business, whether the sell and exit the business in the short-term. In this scenario, Muir will take on a majority ownership position in the company or buy the company outright.
Alternatively an owner may want to take the company to the next level, but diversify their assets. In this case Muir will take on a majority (or minority) positon in the company and partner with the business owner to jointly build the business.

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