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A Message To Business Owners

As an owner-manager you are constantly faced with a multitude of complex decisions. You may be considering options to expand your business, dialing back your role in the company or a complete sale of the business.  As former CEO's, business builders and investors, Muir is uniquely positioned to help with these challenges with our consulting and private equity services.

At our core, Muir develops long-term partnerships with owners to optimize their economic outcomes.


In combination with access to capital, our principals have experience and expertise as former CEOs and business owners across a range of service, technology and product businesses. Our data-driven analytics and trusted advisorial approach helps owners to optimize their professional, personal and economic rewards. Muir will build an understanding of your goals to develop strategies and tactics to drive value both for you personally, and in your business.

Muir is a business owner friendly alternative to working with an investment banker or broker. As an Operating Partner + Investor we will help you to realize more from your business. Muir's capital allows you to take chips off the table. You can remain CEO, with Muir as your operating partner. The diversification of your assets will free you up to more aggressively grow the business. This will also help to generate enhanced equity returns for you over the longer-term.

If you want to sell your business completely, Muir can help to orchestrate a buy-out of your company. You will benefit from a substantial liquidity event, diversify your assets and move onto your next challenge. Muir's operator-driven philosophy will help to make this process swift, fair and attentive to your needs.​

We have achieved valuable outcomes for owners with our approach, and will continue to do so with owners who we can get to know, like and trust. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help with your own situation.. 

Andrew Brown

Managing Director


(415) 602 7967



Paul White

Managing Director


(925) 784 4376



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