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Muir Insights

Debt Is Good

Debt in the structure of an acquisition can significantly increase the returns on invested equity (e.g. 48% in the example below). This helps investors and owners owners alike....

Selling Your Business

A summary of what we've learned to help a Business Owner ready their company for sale. Doing these well may generate an owner millions of dollars....

Two Plans Every Business Owner Must Have

Many business owners do not have a long term plan for their company. They also often do not have a plan for themselves covering their personal goals and ultimate transition from the company. This is a mistake and may cost the owner a significant share of their wealth.

Know The Value Of Your Company

When approaching the sale of your company an owner must build an understanding of company value. This will dictate an owner’s timeline for any sale, and also any tactics they should deploy or investments they make to drive value up.

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