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Muir's Unique Capabilities
1) As experienced General Managers and business builders we understand your job, and the day-to-day challenges of growing a business. Collectively the two principals of Muir have led or managed nearly 20 businesses and organizations in healthcare, business services and technology.
2) With the experience of analyzing and evaluating hundreds of businesses and industries, we are able to leverage deep functional and industry experience in order to uncover paths to increase economic value.
3) As senior advisors to business owners and executives of small, medium and very large corporations we have amassed the capabilities to influence change and drive results.
4) Having led or participate in over 25 M&A transactions, and with a wide network of capital sources representing billions of dollars, we can bring the right people to the table to finance the investment in 40 -100% of a company.
Muir offers a unique value proposition to owners of middle market businesses.  We can help you improve the income generated by your business – while strategically focusing and improving the business to optimize its valuation at the chosen time of exit. We know what buyers value. 
We can also facilitate the acquisition of your business – under the fairest terms possible, and with trusted capital partners, as long-term partners who are financially motivated and committed to long-term growth and optimization of owner equity value.  We’re interested in much more than just a single transaction event. We’re motivated to help make your second “bite of the apple” as valuable as the first one, so that your collective outcomes are far superior.
Led 20+ Organizations
Analyzed 100s of Businesses
25+ Transactions
Small, Medium and Large Companies

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