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For Owners Who Want To Sell Their Business And Keep Running It

"Muir is committed to their profession and to their partners.

They share the same trust and loyalty values as we do."

Glenn Johansen, CEO, LightRiver Technologies



Muir helps business owners to optimize their long term economic outcomes.


Muir is an operating partner and buy-out Investor for business owners of companies with revenues over $10 million. We are experienced CEO's and investors, applying business judgement, critical thinking, data-driven analytics and our own capital.

Muir Has Increased Our Portfolio Owner's Wealth By Over 50% Over Two Years


Muir will buy a minority or majority share of an owner's business, allowing the owner to diversify their assets. Together, the owner and Muir will grow the business, allowing all to gain from the value creation at a later date.

Value Creation

Answer these 3 questions to help you to understand if you are on track to achieve your goals.
"Muir helped me to accelerate my company's growth. Their experience running their own businesses has been invaluable."
Steve Harris, Owner Acme Security